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Volunteers needed to transport, groom, play with, and foster bunnies.  Please contact BWF if you have time to spare for the bunnies!

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Please sign up to be a foster and help us socialize our buns so they can get proper homes!  

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Donate directly to a specific bun on Petfinder! Just click on the bunny you want to sponsor and click the "Sponsor Me" button.

Support Through Advocacy

ANIMALS ARE DYING AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please help us combat animal cruelty in the Los Angeles Fashion District.


Hoppy Thanksgiving!

Historically, Thanksgiving began as a tradition to give thanks for a good harvest and to rejoice together with the rest of the community after much arduous work. What better time to celebrate our NINE-and-a-half-year voyage and give thanks to ALL who have contributed to our Mission.  
Especially, we thank each foster, volunteer, and supporter here who has contributed their time, energy and commitment to BWF. It takes a community to move mountains and without all of us doing our parts we couldn't even make a dent. Thank you for showing your support through thick and thin and especially during times of crisis, for we couldn't possibly overcome them if it weren't for YOU!
Now, as bunny loving families across America sit down to full dinner tables with their pet bunnies enjoying all the privileges of a family member, it's more important than ever to remember million others suffering in bunny mills, labs, backyard breeders, fur farms, and abattoirs. Most people would be unaware that most animal cruelty laws exempt farm animals and rabbits are not even covered under federal humane slaughter laws -- so their lives and deaths for our holiday celebration are unconscionably painful. This said, the road is still rocky with many challenges ahead, but continue we must and we thank you for your continued support in our efforts to make the world a better place for our much-loved companions.
If you would like to do give a special gift for this Thanksgiving holiday, please remember that on Monday alone, TWELVE buns were seen by various BWF Vet partners; 3 bunnies having been pulled from euthanasia the day before. These bunnies face many more costly challenges, so please follow their story of rescue, share, and give from your hearts what you are able to.
LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GIFTS? When you do your Holiday shopping at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to BWF. Bookmark the link and support us every time you shop.
CONSIDER DONATING MONTHLY even if it’s just a few dollars.  No donation is too small. Bunnies need you! 
Thank you again and may you find time this Thanksgiving to enjoy the things you hold closest to your heart!!

About BWF

BWF Mission & History: Bunny World Foundation (BWF) is an ALL-Volunteer, non-profit 501(c) 3 animal welfare organization founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Set up to promote (Shelter) Equity and Equality for Rabbits, BWF’s mission is to combat animal cruelty, illegal animal sales, exploitation and neglect of all animals, through rescue efforts, public education, investigations, legislation, special events, and media attention.

BWF is proud to celebrate a NINE-year voyage which begun with the fierce struggle to bring to light illegal animal sales in the LA Fashion District. In terms of global outreach on Facebook, BWF grew to be the largest Rabbit Rescue & Educational Service in the world. With 230K fans on Facebook, BWF’s posts are shared by millions of BWF members worldwide.

BWF works to reduce rabbit overpopulation and to establish rabbits as companion animals that deserve the same individual rights, level of care, and opportunity for longevity as cats and dogs that live as human companions. BWF manages a complex Foster & Adoption Program that requires constant strengthening and expansion to accommodate new rescues and provide for their intensive care, medication, supplies, and spay/neuter funds. BWF has 300 volunteers/fosters and rescues 500-700 abandoned and abused domestic rabbits a year. In 2014, BWF was featured by CBS as one of the "Five Best Volunteer Opportunities for Animal Lovers in Los Angeles.”

BWF rescued over 8,000 rabbits in the City of LA, ranging from un-weaned baby bunnies from Santee Alley to adult bunnies from the over-inundated city shelters. In the past year alone (2016), BWF took in over 400 “Red” and “Blue” rabbits from the SIX City Shelters. In addition, BWF housed, provided medical care, promoted, and found permanent and loving homes for more than 700 spayed and neutered rabbits.
BWF was featured multiple times in LA Times, Huffington Post, LA Business Journal, KABC, CBS, and NBC’s Eight-piece Investigation . BWF voice was heard on KSWD/100.3FM The Sound, 89.3 KPCC, and 102.7 KIIS FM/570 KLAC AM/98.7 KYSR FM. Santee Alley Baby Bunnies *WON* the Genesis Award at the Humane Society of the United States and the Emmy Award at the 65th LA Area Emmy Awards Nominations & Winners. In 2016 BWF was featured on ABC7 in FABlife episode promoting “Bunnies & Tragedy of Easter,” The Show & Tell Show with Caroline Elliott, and “Vegans in Music.”

BWF track record of effectiveness has led to meaningful victories for animals in city legislatures. BWF received the recognition by The County of LA (Michael D. Antonovich), The California State Assembly (Cameron M. Smyth), and The City of Santa Clarita (Frank Ferry, Mayor).

Recent Public Outreach & Education:
In 2016, BWF Volunteers pulled off TEN events during Easter including Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena, Western University of Health Sciences College in Pomona, Arts for Animal's Sake in Silverlake, Bunnymania in Wilding Crane Gallery and Chung King Studio (The National Museum of Animals) in Los Angeles. In addition, BWF representatives visited California Wildlife Center, attended the First Eagle Rock Animal Fest, the HSUS Gala, and participated in The National Animal Rights Day (NARD). BWF organized 50+ Adoption events, including the Bunny Brushing Fest at Petco Pasadena. In Oct-Nov, BWF Volunteers showed up at the Bridges Academy Community Service Fair in Studio City, Montebello Pet Fair in Montebello, Kidspace in Pasadena (again), Temple Aliyah’s Mitzvah Day Fair, Tofurky Trot 5K at the Rose Bowl Stadium organized by National Museum of Animals & Society.

Excerpts/Prior Achievements:
Illegal Animal Sales in Santee Alley: Santee Alley, LA Fashion District, was the city's number one haven for illegal animal sales where underaged rabbits, kittens, salmonella infected turtles, parvo-infected puppies, and exotic birds were sold illegally on a daily basis. Animals were kept in filthy conditions in the glaring sun with no food or water, and many were sick or dying when sold. These activities clearly violated City codes and other statutes as well. BWF worked tediously on advocacy efforts to urge the city officials and councilmembers to enforce laws prohibiting illegal sales of animals; to better protect the health and welfare of animals and humans that are victimized by such sales; and, where necessary and appropriate, propose new legislation and ordinances in support of these efforts.

BWF successfully combatted illegal animal traffickers in Santee Alley by collaborating with the City Attorney’s Office, and by aiding in the arrest of notorious ring leaders behind this crime. BWF volunteers followed the traffickers, and provided LAPD with the evidence of their offenses. As a result, the bail amount increased from the mere $25 to $26,000, the infamous ring leader of illegal animal traffickers, Juan Mena, got arrested and the People vs Juan Mena and Norma Pluma trial began. In December 2013, the traffickers were found GUILTY by the Jury and were sentenced to jail. This marked the beginning of the end of the ongoing practice of animal abuse, cruelty and disregard for the animal protection laws in Santee Alley, LA Fashion District. Our documentary "The Deadly Secret of Santee Alley" is under way with the collaborative effort of USC Cinema & TV School volunteer filmmakers. In 2011, our documentary was a finalist at MY HERO Int'l Film Festival in the Independent Features in Development Category.

Avitrol Saga: Our investigative division has worked on several projects including capturing the immense suffering of birds caused by the ingestion of Avitrol, increasing awareness of the danger and cruelty of the use of this chemical.

Ordinance Banning Pet Stores from Selling Rabbits: In 2013, BWF was instrumental in pushing the LA City Council to adopt an ordinance banning pet stores from selling rabbits from commercial breeders and limiting pet stores to selling animals obtained from shelters, humane societies and registered rescue groups.
‘Bunnies for Puppies & Kitties’ Division: BWF formed “Bunnies for Puppies & Kitties” division that, through a collaborative effort with other solely cat/dog rescues, saved lives of over 500 dogs/cats from high-kill LA County & City shelters.

Investigations of Illegal Rabbit Breeding Operations: In 2014, BWF conducted several undercover investigations of illegal rabbit breeding operations in the City of LA that resulted in the discussion with the City Officials to bring about “(Shelter) Equity and Rabbit Equality”. At the time many of the city ordinances, particularly those governing breeders, did not apply to the breeding or keeping of rabbits. BWF presented various rabbit breeding cases before the LAAS Board of Commissioners and educated the public officials about much needed regulations and legislative changes in regards to keeping rabbits as pets. In 2015 -2016 BWF continued to work with LAAS Board of Commissioners & PAWS to bring about more city ordinances related to protection of rabbits.

Advocacy Work: Shelter Equity and Rabbit Equality: The uphill battle to amend the existing city ordinances that protect cats and dogs by adding/including the rabbits as beneficiaries to those laws is still very much alive. However, a significant progress was made. BWF requested the amendment of the existing city ordinances that protect cats and dogs, by addition/inclusion of the rabbits as beneficiaries to those laws.
The most tangible evidence related to LAAS collaboration with the New Hope partners is the LAAS’ report “Outcome Totals for Rabbits by Fiscal Year” posted on the LAAS website. Due to BWF’s participation New Hope placements increased; Intake Totals for rabbits decreased; and the euthanasia numbers decreased from 312 in 2013-2014 to 171 in 2014-2015 to 104 in 2015-2016 and 42 in 2016-2017. These numbers should continue to improve until LA is declared NO KILL Rabbit Zone. Please visit the statistics.




BUNNIES ON THE LINE! Reports of injuries and desperation have the BWF phone line tied up... but the till is empty and the bill collector is at the door. We have 48 hours to make good with our top notch animal hospital and resume life-saving measures for bunny victims of abuse and neglect. A haven cannot have a closed door, dear friends... everything is riding on your kindness.




This year was nothing but broken limbs for BWF.  There was Buttons, Honey, Garry, Bokchoy, Samson, Little Spunky, Duncan, Gwynevere, and NOW Victor.  We couldn’t leave him behind.

On Wednesday July 19, 2017, we got a call from the Vet at North Central Shelter (LAAS) about a rabbit that was dumped with a broken leg (compound fracture) dangling WITH BONE STICKING OUT.  They asked us if BWF would rescue him or else they would put him down.  They gave us TWO hours.  We were there!  Our transporter took him directly to Northwood Animal Hospital where he was stabilized and examined by Dr. Roberts.   We were told that nothing but amputation would save Vicor’s life and we gave our blessing. Yesterday, Thursday, July 20, 2017, Dr. Hsu amputated his leg and got him neutered in the process. He’s been hospitalized since and the funds are needed to cover his Vet Bill. (Attached)

VICTOR is undergoing the post-surgery treatment but will be able to go home on Monday. WE NEED FOSTER WILLING TO WORK WITH A DISABLED BUNNY – A TRIPOD!  IF YOU CAN HELP, PLEASE E-MAIL US at

Dr. Hsu says: “Victor is doing well after his neuter surgery and left back leg mid femur amputation. He is resting comfortably post-op. His pre-anesthesia bloodwork indicates some blood loss (borderline anemia with mildly decreased platelets) most likely secondary from his broken leg injury.  The procedures went well. We are starting him on oral enrofloxacin, injectable penicillin and oral metacam. His ears were crusty inside. I am concern that he has ear mites and am planning on putting him on revolution starting next week once his incisions are closed.” ๐Ÿ˜Š

BWF needs $2,000 to cover Radiology, Neuter & Amputation Surgery, Recheck Films, Hospitalization, Culture & Sensitivity, and Medication.  If you’re able to donate towards VICTOR, please call our vet directly or donate via Paypal to

For donations, less than $100, you can make an ON-LINE DONATION via PAYPAL at or at

DIRECT DONATIONS TO THE VET ARE THE MOST APPRECIATED. If you can help now, please call Northwood Animal Hospital at (949) 559-1992 and make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation towards Victor’s hoy’s Medical bill.  The vet only accepts $100+ donations.

Please remember, BWF is an ALL-VOLUNTEER, NON-PROFIT 501(c)3 animal welfare organization with 300+ volunteers/fosters working around the clock to save lives of babies and adults alike. Every week we take bunnies from the death row from LAAS and other situations. Our volunteers are funding the care of their own fosters, providing supplies, and often paying for the surgeries and medical bills. BWF has no paid staff, and with our limited resources we are doing our very best to help the little ones. But our VET BILLS are piling up and we need your help TODAY! 

Finally, please CONSIDER DONATING MONTHLY even if it’s just a few dollars.

Thank you so much! ~BWF Rescue Team



These little ones were hurting and cast to the winds... we plucked them from the brink. But we are in need of donors to help us move forward for these babies.