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ANIMALS ARE DYING AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please help us combat animal cruelty in the Los Angeles Fashion District.


The Completely Avoidable Tragedy of Easter

A mother and father purchase a baby male Holland Lop to put in their 6 year old daughter’s Easter basket. On Easter day, little Samantha sees the rabbit sitting in a bright pink basket amongst various colored plastic eggs- Samantha is giddy with excitement! The baby bunny’s soft fur, little paws, big ears, and his twitching nose are delightful to behold! The curious bunny hops out of the basket and he begins to explore the living room. Samantha wants to pet the bunny, so she begins chasing him throughout the room. The terrified bunny darts about the room, but he soon finds himself trapped in a corner. Little Samantha reaches down and clumsily picks up the tiny bunny. The bunny desperately wants to escape from Samantha’s grasp, so he kicks his legs as hard as he can until she releases him. The bunny flies through the air and falls to the ground with a loud thump. The horrified parents see that the bunny’s hind leg is dangling from underneath him.

The veterinarian tells the family that the bunny has a broken hind leg and that it is going to cost between 500-1500 dollars for the rabbit to be treated depending upon if the x-rays show that he will need surgery. The dejected family asks the doctor to wrap the leg without setting it, then they take the bunny to a local animal shelter where they drop him off. As they are driving away, Samantha asks her parents, “Why are we leaving Thumper behind?”. The mother and father solemnly tell Samantha that they cannot keep the rabbit and that he has “Gone to a better place”. Little Samantha clings onto her stuffed bear, buries her head in his synthetic fur, then sobs the entire way home. Meanwhile, two exhausted volunteers from the shelter look in the box and see the injured rabbit. They sigh, contact their vet, then one of them takes the rabbit to get treated. It is the eleventh rabbit that has arrived and they are expecting hundreds of more abandoned and injured “Easter” bunnies to arrive for weeks to come. As the two volunteers are leaving the shelter, one woman says to the other woman, “Do you think it will be better next year?”, the other woman disconcertedly replies, “For the sake of the rabbits, I hope so”.

The story above is just one of the tragedies that happens during Easter time. Unfortunately, the novelty of owning a rabbit will eventually wear off for a lot of children and parents. Many neglected rabbits will eventually be released into the wild where they will die from dehydration, starvation, predation, or from a number of other horrors. Other abandoned rabbits will end up at shelters where the majority of unwanted Easter rabbits are euthanized.

When parents go to purchase a baby bunny for Easter, many don’t realize that owning a rabbit is big commitment. Rabbits live between 8-12 years and rabbits are not suitable pets for young children. Rabbits require copious fresh hay, fresh veggies, a limited amount of pellets, nail trimmings, brushings, toys to chew on, a bunny proofed play area, fresh water, and they must be spayed, or neutered to ensure that they do not mark your house or get testicular, or ovarian cancer. Rabbit owners must also learn how to properly handle a rabbit since rabbit’s bones are quite fragile. If dropped, or handled incorrectly, rabbits can be severely injured.

Please save the Easter bunnies this year and choose a plush, or a chocolate rabbit for your child. If you understand how to properly care for a rabbit and you would like to have one, there are thousands of sweet rabbits waiting in shelters for a forever family. You can visit for more information on adopting and caring for bunnies.

Written By. Heather Lei Hernandez

~Bunny World Foundation 


 Here are options for those wishing to give a special gift this Christmas & Holiday Season:

-Please CALL Northwood Animal Hospital​ AND DONATE TOWARD OUR OUTSTANDING MEDICAL BILL: - Their phone # is (949) 559-1992 - They accept $100+ donations.
-LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GIFTS? When you do your Holiday shopping at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to BWF. Bookmark the link and support us every time you shop.
-CONSIDER DONATING MONTHLY even if it’s just a few dollars.  No donation is too small. Bunnies need you! 
Again, thank you... and may you find time this Holiday Season to enjoy that which you hold closest to your heart <3

Hoppy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Message from Bunny World Foundation​!

Historically, Thanksgiving began as a tradition to give thanks for a good harvest and to rejoice together with the rest of the community after much arduous work. What better time to celebrate our TEN-and-a-half year voyage and give thanks to ALL who have contributed to our Mission!  
We especially thank each Foster, Volunteer, and Supporter here who has given his/her time, energy and commitment to BWF during the most recent tragedy that riddled California with incalculable pain and suffering. 
The fires were lethal, but your display of SOLIDARITY, COMPASSION, GENEROSITY and EMPATHY exceeded our expectations;  in ONLY 10 days - SEVENTY displaced bunnies were re-homed by Bunny World Foundation.  It took a  COMMUNITY to move mountains, and without ALL of us doing our parts we couldn't have made a dent. 
Thank you for showing your support through thick and thin; especially during times of crisis, for we couldn't possibly overcome them if it weren't for YOU! <3
Today, as bunny-loving families across America are seated at their Thanksgiving tables; their companion bunnies enjoying all the privileges of a beloved family member, it's more important than EVER to remember the millions of homeless bunnies suffering in high-kill shelters, bunny mills, labs, backyard breeders, fur farms, and abattoirs. 
People are unaware that most animal cruelty laws exempt farmed animals, and rabbits are not even covered under federal humane slaughter laws -- so their suffered lives and painful, terrifying deaths for any Holiday celebration are unconscionable. 
That said - the road ahead remains rocky, with many challenges, but continue we must... and we thank you for your loyal support of our efforts to make the world a better place for our much-loved companions. 
Here are options for those wishing to give a special gift this Thanksgiving Holiday....
-Please CALL Northwood Animal Hospital​ AND DONATE TOWARD OUR OUTSTANDING MEDICAL BILL: - Their phone # is (949) 559-1992 - They accept $100+ donations.
-LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY GIFTS? When you do your Holiday shopping at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to BWF. Bookmark the link and support us every time you shop.
-CONSIDER DONATING MONTHLY even if it’s just a few dollars.  No donation is too small. Bunnies need you! 
Again, thank you... and may you find time this Thanksgiving to enjoy that which you hold closest to your heart <3


🚨L.A. And Extended🚨FIRE DEVASTATION >> FOSTERS NEEDED NOW! EMAIL: - 100s of thousands evacuate as CA Wildfires turn deadly:
🚨Our phone is ringing OFF THE HOOK with reports of 'STRANDED' buns found EVERYWHERE! It’s BUNPOCALYPSE! WILL YOU HELP?! 
🙏JOIN BWF FIRE-BUNNY RESCUE EFFORT>> E-MAIL: ASAP >> Or head to BWF Sunday Adoption Event at Petco - S Pasadena; 3-6pm! The more current BWF bunnies we can adopt/foster out, the more bunny emergencies we can handle and get those babies to safety - so E-MAIL US!!! INFO@BUNNYWORLDFOUNDATION.ORG
🙏To AID RESCUE EFFORTS - please visit:
🙏To SEND SUPPLIES, please visit our Amazon Wish List or drop them off at our weekly adoption event at Petco - S Pasadena on Sunday:



CUYLER is a male neutered rabbit who arrived Monday with traumatic injury to his left eye caused by a fight with another rabbit. His upper eyelid nearly completely torn off, and his left globe lacerated. The severity of injuries resulted in necessary eye removal surgery performed on Cuyler same day. Cuyler spiked a fever today  - (Tuesday) - so he remains hospitalized to get his fever down. Cuyler is otherwise doing well, but is expected to be on antibiotics and pain medication for several days. 
GIOVANNI is a young, intact male rabbit presented Monday for a second opinion of his heart murmur; the severity of which unfortunately renders him too high-risk to undergo the anesthesia necessary for neuter surgery. Giovanni likely has a congenital heart defect which results in a shortened lifespan for him. He's possibly far more sensitive to stress or trauma than a rabbit with a normal heart. Going forward, will re-check Giovani to monitor any changes, but he will most likely need to be left intact - (un-neutered), and reside in a loving home as an only bunny helped to live out his single bun life aided by lots of human love and attention.
>>>In the urgent meantime, we're desperately asking the community to donate ANY amount via PayPal to to HELP WITH A $3,000 VET BILL.
-OR Facebook donate option
-OR directly to the vet - Northwood Animal Hospital (949-559-1992) - accepting call-in aid of $100 or more on behalf of BWF).
There are so many more poignant BWF rescue stories yet untold here for lack of time to tell them, but little Cuyler & Giovanni have no time to spare and deserve priority.
Lastly, we’re looking for permanent homes for both Cuyler and Giovanni, and are hoping for a big-hearted someone wishing to TRULY care for these boys.  Cuyler can be paired with a bunny girl, but Giovanni must unfortunately remain a solo bun for now.
If no one steps-up willing to be their furever human THIS SUNDAY, then we're BEGGING for a foster who can care for them until permanent homes are found.  There's hope that Giovanni’s heart murmur will miraculously disappear, and allow him too a bunny wife all his own to love, cherish and care for till death do they part. Keep your paws crossed. . .
Thank you in advance for anything you can do for these little ones.