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Volunteers needed to transport, groom, play with, and foster bunnies.  Please contact BWF if you have time to spare for the bunnies!

Foster a Bunny!

Please sign up to be a foster and help us socialize our buns so they can get proper homes!  

Sponsor a Bunny! 

Donate directly to a specific bun on Petfinder! Just click on the bunny you want to sponsor and click the "Sponsor Me" button.

Support Through Advocacy

ANIMALS ARE DYING AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please help us combat animal cruelty in the Los Angeles Fashion District.


Los Angeles Bunnies Need Your Help: 45 rescued bunnies TREATED by our doctors this month of June!

The month of June was brutal when it comes to our vet bills.  Only this week we had 9 bunnies treated at Northwood Animal Hospital, some for routine neuter/spay surgeries, some for molar trims, some for respiratory infections, some for dislocated hip, some for dental abscess, some for coccidia, some for lacrimal duct flush, etc..  Thanks to our amazing volunteers/fosters/transporters the following bunnies have been treated in the month of June: FLORA, EMMY LOU, DUNCAN,  ASTRO, BENJAMIN, ARES, LUCKY, NALA, SNOWDUST, ANNIE, GARDENIA, EMELINE, MITZI, DYLAN, FINN, FLYNN, PONGO, PEDRO, OZ, TOTO, TIN-TIN, GIOVANNI, SAMUEL, CAMELIA, WIZ, VENUS, BEATRICE, LOLITA ROSE, HOLLY, DARIA, NEPTUNE, BETSY & CHARLIE! We also had a little baby BLUE seen yesterday at Newburry Park Veterinary Clinic and 10 more bunnies spayed/neutered at Western University Clinic: JEREMIAH, TEEAH, TULIP, BUTTERFLY, LOLA, SYRUP, BETH, GEORGE, OPAL, and BUTTONS!

Yes, that's what the REAL RESCUE does! <3  We make sure that ALL our rescued buns are vetted, spayed / neutered / microchipped, with clean bill of health before they are adopted! That's why 11 years AND almost 11,000 bunnies later, Bunny World Foundation (BWF) STILL stands STRONG, RELENTLESS AND UNDEFATIGABLE, despite and IN SPITE of some bad apples here and there who make our lifesaving efforts difficult. Nevertheless, considering the volume of amazing humans  and bunnies, we're happy with progress made in this City of Angeles and within BWF.  It always takes a village and we couldn't save a SINGLE bunny without THE VILLAGE!

BWF is All-Volunteer - Zero paid staff - ALL donations go towards BWF Medical Bills & Supplies. If you would like to support our efforts through volunteering, fostering, adopting, or simply pitching towards our vet bill (directly to our vet) or sending us supplies, we are game, and we LOVE YOU! <3. Please tap: (any amount!) OR call Northwood Animal Hospital at: 949-559-1992. They will process donations of $100 or more toward BWF medical bill that STILL exceeds $17K.  Or you can simply donate ANY amount via PayPal at 

VOLUNTEERS / TRANSPORTERS who made the vet trips possible in June  - YOU ROCK!  Thank you Jane S., Heidi D., Cindy M., Jill V., Katharine C., Carolyn A., David W., Sofia R., Josh G., Shauna T.,  and Tami B!


Onward! <3

~BWF Rescue Team


Elegant Bunny-Butt Plush Pillows

Every sale gives $10 to our sick and injured Rescued Rabbits

Please check out this cute way to aid sick and in-need little rescued Bunnies - (sound ON). BOOTYFARM's adorably squeezable Bunny-Booty pillows GIVE BACK to real Bunnies! Out of EACH darling Bunny-Butt pillow sold, BOOTYFARM Etsy Store will DONATE $10 to BWF's NUMEROUS Broken-Bone, Severely Injured, and Special-Needs Rescued Rabbits. At each Bunny-Booty is expertly hand-constructed by L.A., CA Artist & Bunny-Mom Alyson Chung. Every Bunny-Butt is cuddly, plush fabric with a handy "back" pocket for your tablet/book/remotes/keepsakes... or whatever you like to keep close while cozy in bed or curled up on the couch.

*ONLY* the BUNNY-BOOTY style pillow sales will aid injured and desperate Rabbits -- so please choose from the 3 Bunny-Booty plush pillows featured in this sweet video!

Shop them at BOOTYFARM Etsy Store:

Cuddle-up to 16x22 inches of comforting booty:

- 100% Faux Fur on the "front"
- 100% Microfiber Passion-Suede in the "back
- Polyfiber stuffing

Please visit BOOTYFARM Etsy Store for a plush Bunny-Booty. As ever -- the bunnies, and we who love them, appreciate your support. And please do share.

Thank You!


MUSIC: "Just A Little Love Song" - Ella Joy Meir


Bunny Adoptions, Grooming, Dates/Bonding, Orientation

PATRICK & EVE (rescued from a horrid pre-school situation) invite you to BWF'S WEEKLY ADOPTION EVENT: THIS SUN|MAY 19, 2pm-6pm|Petco - S Pasadena. WE ARE ALSO DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR FOSTERS for un-weaned babies, special needs buns, and nursing moms.


We have 300 buns AVAILABLE! Some are NOT yet listed on Petfinder! Email us your bunny desires; odds are WE HAVE HIM/HER! :)

Wish to save bunny lives? Don't wait! The more new foster parents who join + the more bunnies adopted from our Foster System = More bunnies we can rescue from high-kill shelters, so please email:

A BUNNY IN NEED OF MANI-PEDI/GROOMING/"BIKINI LINE"? :) Done! BWF expert groomers are there to serve. BRUSHING SESSION = 1-2 hours by reservation only.

MANI-PEDI = walk-ins welcome! The best part -- you can WATCH the whole ordeal and learn!

BWF ALL-Volunteer Rescue is ALWAYS SEEKING NEW VOLUNTEERS, plus FOSTERS FOR ORPHANED BABIES, NURSING MOTHERS, & ADULT BUNS. Have it in you to love another bun? Please contact us VIA EMAIL: to be a hero to somebun desperately waiting for you.

Thank you so much!



Bunny World Foundation managed to pull Wes from North Central Shelter just in time.  He was stabilized by our vet, hospitalized over night, medicated and prepped for surgery which is currently in progress.  HIs eye is getting enucleated.  If you're able to help, please tap: (any amount!) OR call Northwood Animal Hospital at: 949-559-1992. They will process donations of $100 or more toward BWF medical bills that STILL exceed $16K. (VCA included). The detailed estimate is included in the Wes' album!  

BWF is All-Volunteer - Zero paid staff - ALL donations go towards BWF Medical Bills & Supplies. As always, it takes a village and we couldn’t rescue a single baby without your support, shares, and generosity.
Thank you!
BWF for WES! <3 
p.s. Original Story posted yesterday on FB:
Wes lived with his owner for two years. He was recently returned because his owners were no longer able to care for his medical needs.  Medical at LAAS believes Wes has a tooth root abscess that has impacted the eye. Please let them/us know if you can help.  His eye is PROTRUDING, NEEDS ENUCLEATION.  He’s neutered male, 4 years old, weighs 4.4. lbs. 
Despite SO MANY foster bunnies in our care, we WILL save him, but we need A FOSTER who will see WES’ journey through surgery, enucleation, recovery, and adoption. If you can help with FOSTERING this boy, e-mail us at



The Completely Avoidable Tragedy of Easter

A mother and father purchase a baby male Holland Lop to put in their 6 year old daughter’s Easter basket. On Easter day, little Samantha sees the rabbit sitting in a bright pink basket amongst various colored plastic eggs- Samantha is giddy with excitement! The baby bunny’s soft fur, little paws, big ears, and his twitching nose are delightful to behold! The curious bunny hops out of the basket and he begins to explore the living room. Samantha wants to pet the bunny, so she begins chasing him throughout the room. The terrified bunny darts about the room, but he soon finds himself trapped in a corner. Little Samantha reaches down and clumsily picks up the tiny bunny. The bunny desperately wants to escape from Samantha’s grasp, so he kicks his legs as hard as he can until she releases him. The bunny flies through the air and falls to the ground with a loud thump. The horrified parents see that the bunny’s hind leg is dangling from underneath him.

The veterinarian tells the family that the bunny has a broken hind leg and that it is going to cost between 500-1500 dollars for the rabbit to be treated depending upon if the x-rays show that he will need surgery. The dejected family asks the doctor to wrap the leg without setting it, then they take the bunny to a local animal shelter where they drop him off. As they are driving away, Samantha asks her parents, “Why are we leaving Thumper behind?”. The mother and father solemnly tell Samantha that they cannot keep the rabbit and that he has “Gone to a better place”. Little Samantha clings onto her stuffed bear, buries her head in his synthetic fur, then sobs the entire way home. Meanwhile, two exhausted volunteers from the shelter look in the box and see the injured rabbit. They sigh, contact their vet, then one of them takes the rabbit to get treated. It is the eleventh rabbit that has arrived and they are expecting hundreds of more abandoned and injured “Easter” bunnies to arrive for weeks to come. As the two volunteers are leaving the shelter, one woman says to the other woman, “Do you think it will be better next year?”, the other woman disconcertedly replies, “For the sake of the rabbits, I hope so”.

The story above is just one of the tragedies that happens during Easter time. Unfortunately, the novelty of owning a rabbit will eventually wear off for a lot of children and parents. Many neglected rabbits will eventually be released into the wild where they will die from dehydration, starvation, predation, or from a number of other horrors. Other abandoned rabbits will end up at shelters where the majority of unwanted Easter rabbits are euthanized.

When parents go to purchase a baby bunny for Easter, many don’t realize that owning a rabbit is big commitment. Rabbits live between 8-12 years and rabbits are not suitable pets for young children. Rabbits require copious fresh hay, fresh veggies, a limited amount of pellets, nail trimmings, brushings, toys to chew on, a bunny proofed play area, fresh water, and they must be spayed, or neutered to ensure that they do not mark your house or get testicular, or ovarian cancer. Rabbit owners must also learn how to properly handle a rabbit since rabbit’s bones are quite fragile. If dropped, or handled incorrectly, rabbits can be severely injured.

Please save the Easter bunnies this year and choose a plush, or a chocolate rabbit for your child. If you understand how to properly care for a rabbit and you would like to have one, there are thousands of sweet rabbits waiting in shelters for a forever family. You can visit for more information on adopting and caring for bunnies.

Written By. Heather Lei Hernandez

~Bunny World Foundation