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Volunteers needed to transport, groom, play with, and foster bunnies.  Please contact BWF if you have time to spare for the bunnies!

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ANIMALS ARE DYING AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please help us combat animal cruelty in the Los Angeles Fashion District.


Racing for Little Augustina

Volunteers David (seen here) and Carolyn were mobilized in response to Augustina's MEDICAL-ALERTED status at East Valley Shelter, where's she'd been suffering multiple putrid abscesses from botched spay & older injuries having gone unchecked. Rancid tissue deterioration & build-up of congealed pus throughout... (See our treatment images in comments; warning - graphic). ­čÖü To be involved in helping her, please visit for PayPal service. She is fighting for her new life! Her will is STRONG.

Thanks to volunteers running hours-long rescue commutes for her, AUGUSTINA was pulled out of the shelter, evaluated, stabilized, and rushed from L.A. to Fountain Valley emergency Vet care that same night.

Augustina's initial emergency treatment: Clipping fur & cleaning of all wounds • Lancing of abscesses • Warm compressing • Administering injectable Torbutrol, Baytril, Metacam, Penicillin, & ORAL Azithromycin.

She’s currently on THREE antibiotics • probiotics • pain meds • Critical Care mix, & a full array of holistic treatments: echinacea, colloidal silver, turmeric, coconut & CBD oils. 

She’s receiving intensive DAILY wound flushing/lancing of abscesses with diluted Chlorhexadine - (similar example seen here: -

and followed by Silver Sulfadiazine topical antibiotic. Augustina is scheduled to remain on this protocol for one month with weekly re-checks.

This young child is the sweetest and most tolerant soul.  Despite her discomfort, Augustina remains grateful, loving, and rewards her foster mama with ample post-treatment kisses... pulling at the heart like no other. 

Her life so far: 4-WEEK-old Augustina was brought into East Valley Animal Shelter on July 7 as a "stray" with injuries from possible attack by another animal. Her injuries advanced to aggressive abscesses, but went unnoticed, causing infection to invade her fragile body. She later endured an ill-managed spay surgery while already undermined by pre-existing infections. The outcome of so much overlooked complications is gruesome, yes... but we are determined to rehabilitate her 100%, and provide her every deserved detail of care, and a bright, pain-free future. We refuse to fail her. She's been failed quite enough.

It's possible Augustina will require a second spay surgery, but that's a ways off. Please consider joining in her recovery. We are grateful for any amount of help, and of course - once better - she'll need a new foster parent, and eventually a little bunny boy companion... and then a forever home in which to start over and never look back. If you have ever considered helping these downtrodden beings, please make the time now, and email us at for a foster / adoption application.

Thank you for wanting to see this youngster get all the love and care she's been denied every second of her life.


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Can you help us with Beau?

>>Can you help us with Beau? Please be kind -- there is someone beyond the disfigurement who needs us, so tread softly as we seek AID toward mending this bunny we named BEAU (French for BEAUTIFUL) - dumped survivor of ghastly neglect & misdeeds by his human; you can see the outcome. Below is his estimate - Northwood Animal Hospital will take call-in support of $100 or more for him. Any size help - please click for PayPal service. 
>>Email us to FOSTER little Beau - as that is a MOST VITAL necessity asap: for a Foster Agreement. We can fulfill Beau's medical needs, and all else. He'll start life anew, facing only better days -- but his medical funds are needed -- and beyond that, further vet follow-up & TLC within FOSTER CARE. Once healed, we will find him his proper forever human and the all-important bonded bunny companion with whom to share love and gain further strength and faith in this life.
>>Beau was a gravely injured dumped bunny brought into Pasadena Humane & SPCA as a "STRAY" -- in addition to his gruesome head wound and botched suture attempt, he had all the maladies of a neglected & confined rabbit; fecal and urine stains, urine scalding throughout, etc..  We pulled him out and had him seen by our Dr. Roberts at Northwood Animal Hospital. Here is the rundown:
Northwood Animal Hospital (949) 559-1992
•Pre-Op Exam
•Pain Management Injection (0-40 lbs)
•Anesthesia Induction 0-25 lbs
•Anesthetic Maint <45 Min.
•Anesthetic Maint Add. 15 Min
•Cardiac Monitoring-Surgery
•Pseudopterygium Repair
•Ectropion Repair
•Surgical Pack & Disposables Metacam 1.5 Mg/Ml Per Ml
Estimated Total: $1,544.00
>>Based on our similar cases, we FULLY expect the extent of his procedures, follow-up exams, and continued Rx protocol to overshoot $2,000.00. Please help if you are able, and be a part of progress from this misery into what he has always deserved...
>>Please show mercy and refrain from domestic rabbit parenthood unless able to provide proper lifelong care and love. Domestic rabbits are HIGH-MAINTENANCE, INDOOR-ONLY fragile companion animals who CANNOT EVER be left to fend for themselves - as they are helpless to do so... Without our protection within our homes, and attention to their numerous grooming & vet needs, domestic rabbits suffer horribly. Caregivers need to educate themselves on proper care of these beings... they are NOT easy pets or pets for kids... no. Rabbits require the stewardship of mature, financially stable adults.
>>For any help you can spare for Beau, we thank you...

"How do I bond with my bunnies?"

We trust the SUN to come up each morning; it always has. BE THAT SUN coming up for your bunnies. Your bunnies are watching you, let them grow to understand through your repetitive daily nurturing actions that they can trust you. Let the sound of your loving words signal good things coming their way: deliveries of fresh hay in clean litter boxes, fresh veggies, fresh water in cleaned bowls - (never bottles), tiny slices of treats to make sure they are feeling good, new toys and hide-y boxes to destroy...  Meanwhile, don't count the days, don't measure their "progress", and don't ever feel that nothing will change.
Like humans, bunnies are complex persons from differing backgrounds which influenced who they are. Figuring out their relationship with you is often a MUCH harder adjustment for them than for you. Instead of hoping they will change into who you want, be open to how your bunnies might just teach you and change you in ways you never would have believed. 
Keep nurturing them and reaching out to them, but don't ever feel rejected. Chances are, their "rejection" of you is a Love Letter compared to how they would respond to a stranger. You might not think so, but their trust of you has been building. Rabbits never stop evolving, but a fearful rabbit will stay bottled-up. Letting strangers have contact with them can be felt as a betrayal of trust. Not all rabbits are ok with strangers, as is their right ­čÖé Don't worry about insulting someone wanting contact with your bunnies; the bunnies need you to prioritize their needs over anyone else's need to touch them.
Let the bunnies have their safe zones without fear of invasion. Their hiding spots need to be respected as such. Invading their hiding places hurts their trust of us, and inhibits them feeling confident about their environment. They need to feel that they have control over protecting themselves. 
" REMOVE EXPECTATION­čĹëespecially if related to what is posted by bunny parents on social media or YouTube. Be inspired by the love -- but no one's relationship with their bunnies can be duplicated by another. Some bunnies take a long time to trust, and that can be the most amazing journey of one's life. Remain open to your own unique path of discovering who YOUR bunnies are. The bunnies who take the longest to trust are often the ones whose bonds with their humans is the strongest.
It's self-sabotage to expect any relationship to be or feel a certain way. Expectation = pressure, stress, disappointment, frustration, disharmony for all. Like us, rabbits sense all of that... but for them - (as PREY animals) - that spells fear; further distancing them from their caregivers. Remove the pressure. Relax. Be patient. Educate yourself on their proper care. Focus on their needs and keeping them healthy. Spend time next to them without touching them. Let them do the investigating. Be gentle in your actions and tone. Talk to them often and sweetly while performing tasks for them. Be faithful to their daily needs. Miracles will happen.
It is necessary to handle the bunnies in order to groom them and take them to vet appointments. But otherwise, don't impose on them your need to handle them or hold them. There is plenty of time for testing those waters once you have established trust. As a rule, rabbits fear being picked up. Picking them up unnecessarily will NOT help them trust you.
If your bunny is a single. Remember that rabbits are HIGHLY social beings. That does not mean they are outgoing. It means that their need to live BONDED with at least one their own kind is beyond important -- it is their deepest need. (Bonding bunnies is a science, and not to be attempted without expert guidance).  For EVERY bunny, there is a match. We should never give up on our single bunnies' need to share a bond with their own kind. They will only love you more for it. Bunnies take care of each other 24/7 and have their own silent language which no human will ever understand or speak. Respecting the truth of that is part of the trust and love pact with your bunny.
There are many methods or "tricks" to help bunnies with trust. But nothing is possible without patient, consistent care; the most important path to gaining trust, as it prioritizes the bunnies, and THAT will lead to the bonds of trust and love shared with your bunnies.
Rabbits are uniquely able to bring their humans to the next level if we are willing. Please be open to their wisdom. Be a patient observer with an open mind and heart.... and let your proper care of them be the priority. All else will fall into place. Never rest on believing you know all you need to about their care. Never stop learning­čĺŤ
Thank You.
Bunny: BWF Spokesbun - William
Original photo taken by his mom, Katherine Carr



Los Angeles Bunnies Need Your Help: 45 rescued bunnies TREATED by our doctors this month of June!

The month of June was brutal when it comes to our vet bills.  Only this week we had 9 bunnies treated at Northwood Animal Hospital, some for routine neuter/spay surgeries, some for molar trims, some for respiratory infections, some for dislocated hip, some for dental abscess, some for coccidia, some for lacrimal duct flush, etc..  Thanks to our amazing volunteers/fosters/transporters the following bunnies have been treated in the month of June: FLORA, EMMY LOU, DUNCAN,  ASTRO, BENJAMIN, ARES, LUCKY, NALA, SNOWDUST, ANNIE, GARDENIA, EMELINE, MITZI, DYLAN, FINN, FLYNN, PONGO, PEDRO, OZ, TOTO, TIN-TIN, GIOVANNI, SAMUEL, CAMELIA, WIZ, VENUS, BEATRICE, LOLITA ROSE, HOLLY, DARIA, NEPTUNE, BETSY & CHARLIE! We also had a little baby BLUE seen yesterday at Newburry Park Veterinary Clinic and 10 more bunnies spayed/neutered at Western University Clinic: JEREMIAH, TEEAH, TULIP, BUTTERFLY, LOLA, SYRUP, BETH, GEORGE, OPAL, and BUTTONS!

Yes, that's what the REAL RESCUE does! <3  We make sure that ALL our rescued buns are vetted, spayed / neutered / microchipped, with clean bill of health before they are adopted! That's why 11 years AND almost 11,000 bunnies later, Bunny World Foundation (BWF) STILL stands STRONG, RELENTLESS AND UNDEFATIGABLE, despite and IN SPITE of some bad apples here and there who make our lifesaving efforts difficult. Nevertheless, considering the volume of amazing humans  and bunnies, we're happy with progress made in this City of Angeles and within BWF.  It always takes a village and we couldn't save a SINGLE bunny without THE VILLAGE!

BWF is All-Volunteer - Zero paid staff - ALL donations go towards BWF Medical Bills & Supplies. If you would like to support our efforts through volunteering, fostering, adopting, or simply pitching towards our vet bill (directly to our vet) or sending us supplies, we are game, and we LOVE YOU! <3. Please tap: (any amount!) OR call Northwood Animal Hospital at: 949-559-1992. They will process donations of $100 or more toward BWF medical bill that STILL exceeds $17K.  Or you can simply donate ANY amount via PayPal at 

VOLUNTEERS / TRANSPORTERS who made the vet trips possible in June  - YOU ROCK!  Thank you Jane S., Heidi D., Cindy M., Jill V., Katharine C., Carolyn A., David W., Sofia R., Josh G., Shauna T.,  and Tami B!


Onward! <3

~BWF Rescue Team


Elegant Bunny-Butt Plush Pillows

Every sale gives $10 to our sick and injured Rescued Rabbits

Please check out this cute way to aid sick and in-need little rescued Bunnies - (sound ON). BOOTYFARM's adorably squeezable Bunny-Booty pillows GIVE BACK to real Bunnies! Out of EACH darling Bunny-Butt pillow sold, BOOTYFARM Etsy Store will DONATE $10 to BWF's NUMEROUS Broken-Bone, Severely Injured, and Special-Needs Rescued Rabbits. At each Bunny-Booty is expertly hand-constructed by L.A., CA Artist & Bunny-Mom Alyson Chung. Every Bunny-Butt is cuddly, plush fabric with a handy "back" pocket for your tablet/book/remotes/keepsakes... or whatever you like to keep close while cozy in bed or curled up on the couch.

*ONLY* the BUNNY-BOOTY style pillow sales will aid injured and desperate Rabbits -- so please choose from the 3 Bunny-Booty plush pillows featured in this sweet video!

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- 100% Faux Fur on the "front"
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- Polyfiber stuffing

Please visit BOOTYFARM Etsy Store for a plush Bunny-Booty. As ever -- the bunnies, and we who love them, appreciate your support. And please do share.

Thank You!


MUSIC: "Just A Little Love Song" - Ella Joy Meir