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Volunteers needed to transport, groom, play with, and foster bunnies.  Please contact BWF if you have time to spare for the bunnies!

Foster a Bunny!

Please sign up to be a foster and help us socialize our buns so they can get proper homes!  

Sponsor a Bunny! 

Donate directly to a specific bun on Petfinder! Just click on the bunny you want to sponsor and click the "Sponsor Me" button.

Support Through Advocacy

ANIMALS ARE DYING AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please help us combat animal cruelty in the Los Angeles Fashion District.


Help BWF STOP a Horrific Rabbit Breeding Operation in the City of Los Angeles.

HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP! BWF is requesting that the Mayor’s office intervene in the horrific breeding situation in Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks, CA. We will keep you updated on their response. Now we need YOUR help!
Please send an email to Brenda Barnette and ask for the WHEREABOUTS of the 25 MISSING RABBITS and demand the RESCUE of the REMAINING FORTY RABBITS from this abusive and neglectful breeder.
Click below for a sample email you can send to Brenda Barnette at Please CC Bunny World Foundation on your email –

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Please help us combat animal cruelty in the LA Fashion District

ORDINANCE NO. 181851: An ordinance amending Section 53.42 of Article 3, Chapter 5 of LA Municipal Code (LAMC) to add a prohibition on the purchase of animals on public streets and sidewalks to the existing prohibition on the sale of animals on public streets and sidewalks in the City of Los Angeles. ( was introduced at the meeting of the Council of the City of LA August 3, 2011, and was passed at its meeting of August 10, 2011.

SB 917 (LIEU): “…This bill would revise the punishment for this offense to provide that it is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year, or in the state prison, or by a fine of not more than $20,000, or by both that fine and imprisonment.” “…that it shall be a crime, punishable as specified, for any person to willfully sell or give away as part of a commercial. transaction, a live animal on any street, highway, public right-of-way, parking lot, carnival, or boardwalk, or to display or offer for sale, or display or offer to give away as part of a commercial transaction, a live animal if the act of selling or giving away the live animal is to occur on any street, highway, public right-of-way, parking lot, carnival, or boardwalk.”

“Animal abuse is generally divided into two main categories: Animal cruelty, and animal neglect,” Lieu said. “Animal cruelty usually refers to a single act of harm on an animal. Animal neglect usually causes suffering that’s more extended or prolonged. Whether an animal is tortured or starved, too often the result is death. Either way, it’s a horrible way to die, and the penalties should be consistent.” 

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Help BWF to Stop Animals Dying at Santee Alley

by Voices for The Animals Foundation

Along with other illegal sales that go on there, Santee Alley is the city's number one haven for illegal animal sales. Baby bunnies, turtles, birds, puppies and kittens are sold illegally on a daily basis. Animals are kept in filthy conditions, in the glaring sun with no food or water. Many of these animals are sick or dying when they are sold. These activities clearly violate several City codes and often other statutes as well.

The Department of Animal Services, the LAPD and the City Attorney have periodically tried to bust violators at Santee, but without a concerted commitment from City Hall and the County court system to provide the necessary support and resources, these crack-downs uickly deteriorate into a repetitive game of hide-and-seek. The perpetrators disappear for a few days and then come back like nothing is amiss.

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URGENT: Los Angeles Neighborhood Is Poisoning Birds!

The Realities of Avitrol - Edited Version

CLICK HERE to join BWF and PETA to stop the use of Avitrol.


Governor Schwarzenegger Vetoes AB 241, AB 243, and AB 1122

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Governor Schwarzenegger has vetoed AB 241, AB 243, and AB 1122. All three bills could have criminalized the lawful activities of breeders and pet owners throughout California. Click here for the full story.

Support AB1122 Bill / End Roadside Sales of Animals

BWF is seeking help to generate support for AB1122 the bill that will ban the sale of animals on roadsides, parking lots, and carnivals. Here is a link to the language of the bill.

Below is a list of people that letters of support should be sent to and a sample letter. Activists should feel free to add in their own comments and personal experiences, but its perfectly o.k. just to copy and send the sample letter. We have included a sample letter that focuses on rabbits as well as sample letter that focuses on birds. Again activists are welcome to combine facts from both letters.

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