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Volunteers needed to transport, groom, play with, and foster bunnies.  Please contact BWF if you have time to spare for the bunnies!

Foster a Bunny!

Please sign up to be a foster and help us socialize our buns so they can get proper homes!  

Sponsor a Bunny! 

Donate directly to a specific bun on Petfinder! Just click on the bunny you want to sponsor and click the "Sponsor Me" button.

Support Through Advocacy

ANIMALS ARE DYING AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please help us combat animal cruelty in the Los Angeles Fashion District.


Warmest thanks to our bunny-loving supporters who donated to this campaign.

It's a cruel world for bunnies. Help us, we're nothing without you. on Crowdrise Michelson Found Animals has launched it's Saving Pets Challenge - an online fundraising competition benefiting animal welfare organizations who keep companion pets out of shelters and place them in loving homes. Bunny World Foundation is the only bunny rescue among all the dog and cat groups competing! Please help us do well. As an all volunteer rescue, our life-saving programs are constantly jeopardized by lack of support. This year's challenge runs May 2 – June 1. Please click on the picture of little Holly to find our campaign page. For all the challenge rules and details: Thank you! ~BWF

Seven Little Fighters Need You!

Please show your love for the SEVEN LITTLE FIGHTERS and help us continue our work! Watch this moving VIDEO and read the details posted on the BWF Official Facebook Page!  Thank you so much!


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Hoppy St. Patrick's Day

Don't miss our Los Angeles ADOPTION EVENT THIS SUNDAY!
Don't miss the SPECIAL NEEDS BUNNIES that need help!
Thank you!


What's happening here? Are we attracting all the bunnies with broken limbs into our foster system?  :(  Garry is the 4th rabbit we took in that required a broken bone surgery.  There were BUTTONS, HONEY, BOK CHOY just a few weeks prior.   

We pulled Garry directly from North Central Animal Shelter yesterday and rushed him to Northwood Animal Hospital. Dr. Roberts operated on him immediately and was able to save his paw.  He will be in cast for a month or two. If you're able to FOSTER Garry, please contact us at 
In addition, we could use help with hospitalization, medication, x-rays, and post-surgery treatment.  If you’re able to donate towards GARRY, please call our vet directly or donate via Paypal. For donations, less than $100, you can make an ON-LINE DONATION via PAYPAL at or at
DIRECT DONATIONS TO THE VET ARE THE MOST APPRECIATED. If you can help now, please call Northwood Animal Hospital at (949) 559-1992 and make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation towards Garry's Medical bill.  The vet only accepts $100+ donations. 
Finally, please CONSIDER DONATING MONTHLY even if it’s just a few dollars.
Thank you so much!
~BWF Rescue Team


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