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ANIMALS ARE DYING AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please help us combat animal cruelty in the Los Angeles Fashion District.

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Help BWF to Stop Animals Dying at Santee Alley

by Voices for The Animals Foundation

Along with other illegal sales that go on there, Santee Alley is the city's number one haven for illegal animal sales. Baby bunnies, turtles, birds, puppies and kittens are sold illegally on a daily basis. Animals are kept in filthy conditions, in the glaring sun with no food or water. Many of these animals are sick or dying when they are sold. These activities clearly violate several City codes and often other statutes as well.

The Department of Animal Services, the LAPD and the City Attorney have periodically tried to bust violators at Santee, but without a concerted commitment from City Hall and the County court system to provide the necessary support and resources, these crack-downs quickly deteriorate into a repetitive game of hide-and-seek. The perpetrators disappear for a few days and then come back like nothing is amiss.

The sale of small turtles, under 4 inches, has been banned in the United States since 1975, but this has not stopped people from selling these turtles at Santee Alley. Not only is this an issue of animal cruelty, but also a public safety. Did you know that Salmonella can be contracted by humans from turtles? Salmonella occurs naturally in turtles and does not make them sick. There are many other diseases that can be contrated by humans who touch these animals. Among them are chlamydiosis, TB, arizonosis, and colibacillosis.

PROTECT PUBLIC HEALTH! PLEASE HELP PUT A STOP TO THE CRUEL AND ILLEGAL SALES OF ANIMALS AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please take just a few moments to personalize and send an e-mail to Councilwoman Jan Perry, asking her to stop the cruel, illegal sales of animals at Santee Alley. Also, please send a personalized email to Councilman Greig Smith.

CLICK HERE to send an email to Jan Perry.

CLICK HERE to send an email to Greig Smith.


Reader Comments (7)

I totally agree with the Bunny World Foundation. It's absolutely ridiculous for lazy people who cant find a real job try and make fast money off of these poor, fragile, new born bunnies. If Councilwoman Jan Perry doesn't do anything about it then she's just as bad as they are because she's allowing them to murder these innocent animals. I am only 14 years old and I LOVE ANIMALS. It's a shame and a dissappointment that i can possibly care more than the state does.

March 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAgatha Velasquez

oh and by the way!! the rabbits are only about 4 days old right? why would they put carrots in the cage if they don't even have teeth developed to bite the carrots yet? DUHHHH!! instant starvation right THERE!!

March 10, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterme again!

These babies are sold as soon as they open thier eyes! thats between 10 and 14 days old. They are bred in the rabbit equivalent of puppy mills. I know this because I have rescued the mothers when they are dumped along the side of the road. Large breed moms (usually albino new zealand giants )that have large litters (8-14) are mated with several different dwarf males. The resulting babies are half breeds that most often favor the father. The sellers claim that the rabbits are 3 months old and "Will stay small" The truth is - these bunnies often reach 12 lbs and will most likely stay small only because their chance of survival without mothers milk and proper medication (yes they come with some free bonuses! parasites and between one and 5 opportunistic infections!) they will most likely die within hours or days of purchase.

June 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLinda Baley

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I find this upsetting, disgusting, horrific, and just plain evil. I am all for making as much money as one can, but not at the expense of causing unnecessary pain and even death to poor little helpless rabbits and other such animals. People who become psychopathic mass murderers, often started out by being cruel to animals. We must put a stop to such cruelty, both by persuasion and through the force of law, as is apparently necessary to do.

December 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRaymond

I see these idiots there all the time. If they are in the middle of making a sale, I walk right up and tell the potential buyer that they will die because they are too young. They walk away horrified and I, with a smirk on my face as the seller grumbles in annoyance. Its not much, but at least its something! If they can stand there and sell animals illegally every day, why can't we tell everyone we see the truth and that its wrong? Information is power, and the more people that are informed, the harder it will be for them to continue their sales.

July 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHaunthoneybee

I oppose such sale of bunnies on purely humanitarian grounds. The matter is quite simple, namely that such sales constitute very sad and unnecessary cruelty to such sweet, helpless, adorable little bunnies who never did anybody any harm. We cannot call our society a civilized one as long as such unnecessary cruelty continues to take place. At the very least, potential buyers of those bunnies, should be informed as to what are the painful consequences to those bunnies, due to their purchasing them.

September 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJewishTeddyBear

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