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LOS ANGELES: Has someone put this girl in a blender, or what?  The vet assumes that she was run over by a car. Poor soul, SHE NEEDS FEMORAL HEAD EXCISION SURGERY!
Gwynevere was medically alerted at Vest Valley animal shelter.  Dr. Feldman himself called Bunny World Foundation​ giving us an opportunity to save her before she was euthanized.  SHE WAS DIAGNOSED WIHT NECROTIC TAIL, LUXATED HIP, AND PELVIC BONE BROKEN IN TWO PLACES!  
On May 26, 2017, Bunny World Foundation pulled Gwynevere and rushed her to our Vet for exam and evaluation.
Attached please find the LAAS records, Estimate from Northwood Animal Hospital and Dr. Roberts’s Assessment. The estimate for Surgery – Femoral Head Excision is posted in the album.  The amount needed for surgery is $1,532.31 
Dr. Robert’s diagnosis on May 31st is the following: “Gwynevere I examined today. She's doing way better than her radiographs would indicate. She has fracture to her pelvis, but also a sacro-iliac luxation on the right side. Those usually require surgery, but she's doing great, so she won't need that stabilized. Her left hip luxation requires a femoral head excision to make her more comfortable long term, but I would wait until her pelvis is completely healed and she's normal on the right hind, so she can support herself better during the recovery period.”
We're ready to move with her surgery as soon as the funds are collected. As always, you can donate to Northwood directly. Donations of $100+ only:
Northwood Animal Hospital
13925 Yale  Suite 115
Irvine, CA 92620-2669
(949) 559-1992
For donations less than $100, please donate via PayPal to or by sending a check to:
Bunny World Foundation, Inc.
A 501(c)3 Nonprofit
4470 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 482
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated to make future pain-free for this beautiful girl.
Thank you!