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Volunteers needed to transport, groom, play with, and foster bunnies.  Please contact BWF if you have time to spare for the bunnies!

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ANIMALS ARE DYING AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please help us combat animal cruelty in the Los Angeles Fashion District.



This year was nothing but broken limbs for BWF.  There was Buttons, Honey, Garry, Bokchoy, Samson, Little Spunky, Duncan, Gwynevere, and NOW Victor.  We couldn’t leave him behind.

On Wednesday July 19, 2017, we got a call from the Vet at North Central Shelter (LAAS) about a rabbit that was dumped with a broken leg (compound fracture) dangling WITH BONE STICKING OUT.  They asked us if BWF would rescue him or else they would put him down.  They gave us TWO hours.  We were there!  Our transporter took him directly to Northwood Animal Hospital where he was stabilized and examined by Dr. Roberts.   We were told that nothing but amputation would save Vicor’s life and we gave our blessing. Yesterday, Thursday, July 20, 2017, Dr. Hsu amputated his leg and got him neutered in the process. He’s been hospitalized since and the funds are needed to cover his Vet Bill. (Attached)

VICTOR is undergoing the post-surgery treatment but will be able to go home on Monday. WE NEED FOSTER WILLING TO WORK WITH A DISABLED BUNNY – A TRIPOD!  IF YOU CAN HELP, PLEASE E-MAIL US at

Dr. Hsu says: “Victor is doing well after his neuter surgery and left back leg mid femur amputation. He is resting comfortably post-op. His pre-anesthesia bloodwork indicates some blood loss (borderline anemia with mildly decreased platelets) most likely secondary from his broken leg injury.  The procedures went well. We are starting him on oral enrofloxacin, injectable penicillin and oral metacam. His ears were crusty inside. I am concern that he has ear mites and am planning on putting him on revolution starting next week once his incisions are closed.” 😊

BWF needs $2,000 to cover Radiology, Neuter & Amputation Surgery, Recheck Films, Hospitalization, Culture & Sensitivity, and Medication.  If you’re able to donate towards VICTOR, please call our vet directly or donate via Paypal to

For donations, less than $100, you can make an ON-LINE DONATION via PAYPAL at or at

DIRECT DONATIONS TO THE VET ARE THE MOST APPRECIATED. If you can help now, please call Northwood Animal Hospital at (949) 559-1992 and make a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation towards Victor’s hoy’s Medical bill.  The vet only accepts $100+ donations.

Please remember, BWF is an ALL-VOLUNTEER, NON-PROFIT 501(c)3 animal welfare organization with 300+ volunteers/fosters working around the clock to save lives of babies and adults alike. Every week we take bunnies from the death row from LAAS and other situations. Our volunteers are funding the care of their own fosters, providing supplies, and often paying for the surgeries and medical bills. BWF has no paid staff, and with our limited resources we are doing our very best to help the little ones. But our VET BILLS are piling up and we need your help TODAY! 

Finally, please CONSIDER DONATING MONTHLY even if it’s just a few dollars.

Thank you so much! ~BWF Rescue Team