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Volunteers needed to transport, groom, play with, and foster bunnies.  Please contact BWF if you have time to spare for the bunnies!

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ANIMALS ARE DYING AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please help us combat animal cruelty in the Los Angeles Fashion District.

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Los Angeles Bunnies Need Your Help: 45 rescued bunnies TREATED by our doctors this month of June!

The month of June was brutal when it comes to our vet bills.  Only this week we had 9 bunnies treated at Northwood Animal Hospital, some for routine neuter/spay surgeries, some for molar trims, some for respiratory infections, some for dislocated hip, some for dental abscess, some for coccidia, some for lacrimal duct flush, etc..  Thanks to our amazing volunteers/fosters/transporters the following bunnies have been treated in the month of June: FLORA, EMMY LOU, DUNCAN,  ASTRO, BENJAMIN, ARES, LUCKY, NALA, SNOWDUST, ANNIE, GARDENIA, EMELINE, MITZI, DYLAN, FINN, FLYNN, PONGO, PEDRO, OZ, TOTO, TIN-TIN, GIOVANNI, SAMUEL, CAMELIA, WIZ, VENUS, BEATRICE, LOLITA ROSE, HOLLY, DARIA, NEPTUNE, BETSY & CHARLIE! We also had a little baby BLUE seen yesterday at Newburry Park Veterinary Clinic and 10 more bunnies spayed/neutered at Western University Clinic: JEREMIAH, TEEAH, TULIP, BUTTERFLY, LOLA, SYRUP, BETH, GEORGE, OPAL, and BUTTONS!

Yes, that's what the REAL RESCUE does! <3  We make sure that ALL our rescued buns are vetted, spayed / neutered / microchipped, with clean bill of health before they are adopted! That's why 11 years AND almost 11,000 bunnies later, Bunny World Foundation (BWF) STILL stands STRONG, RELENTLESS AND UNDEFATIGABLE, despite and IN SPITE of some bad apples here and there who make our lifesaving efforts difficult. Nevertheless, considering the volume of amazing humans  and bunnies, we're happy with progress made in this City of Angeles and within BWF.  It always takes a village and we couldn't save a SINGLE bunny without THE VILLAGE!

BWF is All-Volunteer - Zero paid staff - ALL donations go towards BWF Medical Bills & Supplies. If you would like to support our efforts through volunteering, fostering, adopting, or simply pitching towards our vet bill (directly to our vet) or sending us supplies, we are game, and we LOVE YOU! <3. Please tap: (any amount!) OR call Northwood Animal Hospital at: 949-559-1992. They will process donations of $100 or more toward BWF medical bill that STILL exceeds $17K.  Or you can simply donate ANY amount via PayPal at 

VOLUNTEERS / TRANSPORTERS who made the vet trips possible in June  - YOU ROCK!  Thank you Jane S., Heidi D., Cindy M., Jill V., Katharine C., Carolyn A., David W., Sofia R., Josh G., Shauna T.,  and Tami B!


Onward! <3

~BWF Rescue Team