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Can you help us with Beau?

>>Can you help us with Beau? Please be kind -- there is someone beyond the disfigurement who needs us, so tread softly as we seek AID toward mending this bunny we named BEAU (French for BEAUTIFUL) - dumped survivor of ghastly neglect & misdeeds by his human; you can see the outcome. Below is his estimate - Northwood Animal Hospital will take call-in support of $100 or more for him. Any size help - please click for PayPal service. 
>>Email us to FOSTER little Beau - as that is a MOST VITAL necessity asap: for a Foster Agreement. We can fulfill Beau's medical needs, and all else. He'll start life anew, facing only better days -- but his medical funds are needed -- and beyond that, further vet follow-up & TLC within FOSTER CARE. Once healed, we will find him his proper forever human and the all-important bonded bunny companion with whom to share love and gain further strength and faith in this life.
>>Beau was a gravely injured dumped bunny brought into Pasadena Humane & SPCA as a "STRAY" -- in addition to his gruesome head wound and botched suture attempt, he had all the maladies of a neglected & confined rabbit; fecal and urine stains, urine scalding throughout, etc..  We pulled him out and had him seen by our Dr. Roberts at Northwood Animal Hospital. Here is the rundown:
Northwood Animal Hospital (949) 559-1992
•Pre-Op Exam
•Pain Management Injection (0-40 lbs)
•Anesthesia Induction 0-25 lbs
•Anesthetic Maint <45 Min.
•Anesthetic Maint Add. 15 Min
•Cardiac Monitoring-Surgery
•Pseudopterygium Repair
•Ectropion Repair
•Surgical Pack & Disposables Metacam 1.5 Mg/Ml Per Ml
Estimated Total: $1,544.00
>>Based on our similar cases, we FULLY expect the extent of his procedures, follow-up exams, and continued Rx protocol to overshoot $2,000.00. Please help if you are able, and be a part of progress from this misery into what he has always deserved...
>>Please show mercy and refrain from domestic rabbit parenthood unless able to provide proper lifelong care and love. Domestic rabbits are HIGH-MAINTENANCE, INDOOR-ONLY fragile companion animals who CANNOT EVER be left to fend for themselves - as they are helpless to do so... Without our protection within our homes, and attention to their numerous grooming & vet needs, domestic rabbits suffer horribly. Caregivers need to educate themselves on proper care of these beings... they are NOT easy pets or pets for kids... no. Rabbits require the stewardship of mature, financially stable adults.
>>For any help you can spare for Beau, we thank you...