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Volunteers needed to transport, groom, play with, and foster bunnies.  Please contact BWF if you have time to spare for the bunnies!

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Please sign up to be a foster and help us socialize our buns so they can get proper homes!  

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Donate directly to a specific bun on Petfinder! Just click on the bunny you want to sponsor and click the "Sponsor Me" button.

Support Through Advocacy

ANIMALS ARE DYING AT SANTEE ALLEY! Please help us combat animal cruelty in the Los Angeles Fashion District.


BWF Featured on NBC4, Investigation: Trafficking Sick Bunnies - 2013 Genesis Awards Winner

Thank you to all who supported us thus far! BWF has taken in almost 3000 un-weaned baby bunnies from Santee Alley since June 2008. We have an open door to the community and are eager to assist all unaware buyers who are lured into buying unweaned baby animals that in most cases die within a few days of purchase as they are not old enough make it without mother’s milk.  Please DO NOT buy these bunnies. They are NOT "dwarfs!" They are only BABIES and need MILK in order to survive!  Please help us keep up the good fight!

Here is the link to NBC4 I-TEAM VIDEO featuring Investigation Part 1: Bunny Traffickers Accused of Misleading Shoppers With Sickly Animals; and another link to NBC4 I-TEAM VIDEO featuring Investigation Part 2: Laws Meant to Curtail Illegal Sale of Bunnies Not Widely Known, Enforced

GENESIS AWARDS 2013 as reported by Los Angeles Times

Santee Alley Baby Bunnies *WON* the Genesis Award at the Humane Society of the United States!  Thank you Ana Garcia and Robbi Peele at NBC LA  for re-establishing our fate in Investigative Journalism. For those who have missed the EIGHT piece investigation by Ana Garcia Team, please visit NBC LA Investigations and watch the illegal animal traffickers in action.

Unfortunately, illegal sale / purchase of animals in Santee Alley & Los Angeles Fashion District against city and state ordinances continue. For more info about Ordinance No. 181851 & SB 917 (LIEU), please visit BWF Advocacy page  and send a letter to those who have the power to enforce the very ordinances that they established.


BWF Featured on KABC-TV Eyewitness News and Nominated for a Genesis Award!

Rabbits suffer animal cruelty on black market

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This piece was nominated for a Genesis Award in 2011 in the News Feature Category!


BWF Featured on KTLA News



"Alice in Wonderland" Bake Sale & Adoption Event

Please join us this Sunday, April 14th at 11 am at our "Alice in Wonderland" themed Bake Sale at Petco Pasadena hosted by South Pasadena Girl Scout Troop #15441 where 100% of proceeds raised will benefit Bunny World Foundation!