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Once upon a time in Los Feliz, CA, there lived two bunnies in a Preschool backyard... in a hutch :'( -- NOT happily ever after! Their names were Bunny Rabbit, (the Silver Marten, now named Ursula), and Shiloh, a Lionhead. Shiloh was very young, but Ursula was said to be a 12 year-old. Their May-December age gap mattered not at all, as their love for each other was profoundly deep.
One day, Bunny World Foundation received a call from someone representing the Preschool inquiring about an affordable place to euthanize Ursula due to her mite infestation and “abscess that has caused dramatic skin peeling.”
We did not simply provide that grim information, but instead dug deeper into the story; trying very hard NOT to lose them by immediately schooling - “hutch is not enough” “no bunnies outside” “no bunnies as classroom pets,” etc.. Education will be passed on, but first things first. 
The Preschool's messenger, though uninformed about proper rabbit care, was truly concerned, compassionate, and willing. Thank Bunny God that both bunnies were spayed/neutered; medical records forwarded to BWF from their local vet. Struggling financially, the Preschool couldn't afford expensive medical care for the pair's lingering ailments. She sent the pictures and the videos of the bunnies and their “accommodations.” The rest is history.
Upon witnessing the sadness of Shiloh and Bunny Ursula’s living conditions, we had no choice but to help. The school agreed to surrender both bunnies and vowed NOT to get new ones. Shiloh was not to be left alone in that dwelling. They even drove Bunny Rabbit (Ursula) to our Irvine Animal Hospital who wholeheartedly took on the project. 
Both bunnies received Revolution flea/mite treatment, taking care of those parasites. Ursula was hospitalized there for over a month; her abscess removed, her molars trimmed and extracted. *Knock on wood*, she’s been doing great a month post-surgery, thanks to the bunderful skills of Northwood Animals Hospital's Dr. Roberts!
So -- $4,000+ later, the bunnies are back together and up for adoption! Don’t worry, we’re not asking potential adopters to pay $4k in adoption fees. We ARE, however, hoping for a big-hearted someone wishing to TRULY care for this mature dear ladybun and her young husbun. Ursula bunny is a strong, kind, and loving lady. We're in AWE at how much suffering she endured for so long with all that pus swelling in her mouth, and we're hoping her healing also brings her long-awaited happily-ever-after, pain-free life at last! 
If no one steps up willing to be their furever human THIS SUNDAY, then we're BEGGING for a foster who can care for them until a permanent home is found.
>>>In the urgent meantime, we're desperately asking the community to donate ANY amount via PayPal to 
-OR Facebook donate option
-OR directly to the vet  - Northwood Animal Hospital (949-559-1992) - accepting call-in aid of $100 or more on behalf of BWF).

There are soo many more poignant BWF rescue stories yet untold here for lack of time to tell them. But little old Ursula has no time to spare and deserves priority for all of what she and her little husbun have endured.
Thank you in advance for anything you can do for these little ones.