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Volunteers needed to transport, groom, play with, and foster bunnies.  Please contact BWF if you have time to spare for the bunnies!

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CUYLER is a male neutered rabbit who arrived Monday with traumatic injury to his left eye caused by a fight with another rabbit. His upper eyelid nearly completely torn off, and his left globe lacerated. The severity of injuries resulted in necessary eye removal surgery performed on Cuyler same day. Cuyler spiked a fever today  - (Tuesday) - so he remains hospitalized to get his fever down. Cuyler is otherwise doing well, but is expected to be on antibiotics and pain medication for several days. 
GIOVANNI is a young, intact male rabbit presented Monday for a second opinion of his heart murmur; the severity of which unfortunately renders him too high-risk to undergo the anesthesia necessary for neuter surgery. Giovanni likely has a congenital heart defect which results in a shortened lifespan for him. He's possibly far more sensitive to stress or trauma than a rabbit with a normal heart. Going forward, will re-check Giovani to monitor any changes, but he will most likely need to be left intact - (un-neutered), and reside in a loving home as an only bunny helped to live out his single bun life aided by lots of human love and attention.
>>>In the urgent meantime, we're desperately asking the community to donate ANY amount via PayPal to to HELP WITH A $3,000 VET BILL.
-OR Facebook donate option
-OR directly to the vet - Northwood Animal Hospital (949-559-1992) - accepting call-in aid of $100 or more on behalf of BWF).
There are so many more poignant BWF rescue stories yet untold here for lack of time to tell them, but little Cuyler & Giovanni have no time to spare and deserve priority.
Lastly, we’re looking for permanent homes for both Cuyler and Giovanni, and are hoping for a big-hearted someone wishing to TRULY care for these boys.  Cuyler can be paired with a bunny girl, but Giovanni must unfortunately remain a solo bun for now.
If no one steps-up willing to be their furever human THIS SUNDAY, then we're BEGGING for a foster who can care for them until permanent homes are found.  There's hope that Giovanni’s heart murmur will miraculously disappear, and allow him too a bunny wife all his own to love, cherish and care for till death do they part. Keep your paws crossed. . .
Thank you in advance for anything you can do for these little ones.